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European Military Close Combat

The Todd Group, established by the late Harry Baldock, have been providing CQC, CQB, unarmed combat, defensive tactics, and self protection training since 1927

Military, police, close protection, corrections, security, civilian training, instructors, and consultants

35 Depots Nationally and Internationally

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Apply Now: Dunedin, New Zealand - August - Todd Group HQ Dunedin residents final 2019 CQC intake. Course information. Apply Online

Apply Now: D-WAR Declare War Against Rape self-defence courses. Course information and video.

Todd Group Training Courses

Military Self-Defence and Military CQC training for civilians is a privilege, not a right, and course joining comes with responsibilities.

The Todd Group are offering the following national and international close quarters combat training courses:

2019 Courses

2020 Courses

Clubs, business, corporate group self-defence, D-WAR (Declare War Against Rape) anti- and counter-rape short courses
Defensive tactics, tactical control and restraint, crowd control company courses. Enquiries: [email protected]

Assistant Instructor, Instructor, Course Coordinator, and Course Manager Requirements

Assistant instructor and instructor training and testing requirements.

To become an instructor of phase 1 requires volunteering for and passing a phase 1 test and requesting to be considered for assistant instructor qualification training. The accepted assistant instructor candidate must attend a full phase 1 week-long intensive course of instruction as an assistant instructor and pass all the training and testing assistant instructor requirements. They must then undergo instructor under assessment training and testing on a full week-long phase 1 intensive course of instruction. Passing the assistant instructor and instructor under assessment training and testing requirements will qualify them to instruct phase 1 training at their depot or on Todd Group courses to remain current and competent.

To remain current, all depot instructors need to attend a full intensive course of instruction at minimum once every three years. All Todd Group HQ instructors and assistant instructors must have a continuous record of instructing or assistant instructing at Todd Group HQ.

There is a special exception available to members that want to assistant instructor or instructor under assessment train and test that have long-term continuous participation as assistant instructors. They can undergo both assistant instructor and instructor under assessment training and testing on a single week-long intensive course of instruction.

Those wanting to phase 2 instructor qualify need to attend a full week-long intensive phase 2 course of instruction as a phase 2 assistant instructor undergoing assistant instructor training and testing and surpassing the phase 2 assistant instructor required levels. They will then need to attend a full week-long intensive phase 2 course of instruction as a phase 2 instructor under assessment and surpass all the instructor training and assessment requirements to qualify as a phase 2 instructor.

Phase 3 instructors will need to attend a full phase 3 specialist course of instruction undergoing training and assessment as a phase 3 specialist assistant instructor surpassing all the required competency levels to be qualified as a phase 3 specialist assistant instructor. They will then need to attend a full week-long phase 3 course of instruction as a phase 3 specialist instructor under assessment and surpass all the phase 3 specialist instructor training and assessment requirements surpassing the requirements and being qualified as a phase 3 specialist instructor. They will also need to have completed a full CPP course which can be completed and signed when they are phase 1, 2 or 3.

Training and instructing Todd Group/Todd Systems CQC/MSD is a privilege not a right and requires high integrity commitment loyalty with honour and comes with responsibilities conditions and regulations.

Course coordinators and course managers requirements

Course managers must have passed at minimum a phase 1 test and be a phase 2 exponent.

Course coordinators can be enthusiasts or associates that do not train in CQC/MSD or do train, but have not phase 1 tested or have not passed a phase 1 test.

In national and international locations, where we will conduct short courses or intensive week-long courses, we require an on the ground in country course manager or course coordinator. Course coordinators must be committed, motivated realists that are prepared to make arrangements, do the leg work with promoting the courses and recruiting in country. They also need to organise training facilities instructor accommodation reservations and airport transfers etc. Most importantly they need to be hard-working, tireless realists and honest upfront responsible citizens.

Having people that know how to coordinate and organise exported courses making things happen is essential to conduct a first course in a new country or location and ensure training courses are continued until an in country instructor or instructors are trained tested and qualified enabling them to provide in country citizens with on-going continuation training.

There are SOPs for depot/individual tuition instructors and Todd Group HQ instructors as well as course coordinators and course managers to protect the integrity and professional reputation of the Todd Group and the Todd Group's clients exponents and instructors privacy confidentiality and security. Todd Group instructors course managers and coordinators are provided with duties and roles requirements and responsibilities and full support from Todd Group HQ.

Course managers will also assist with assistant instructing and instructing duties on course.

Being CQC/MSD training providers since 1927 is testament to our setting and maintaining high CQC/MSD standards and this requires a highly trained tested and qualified instructing team and hands on course coordinators and course managers. Our people accept the challenges required to test and achieve promotion and rank. They know if you do not have to prove your competency and confidence, it’s not training and testing the European military CQC/MSD way. We assist our rank and file with achieving their goals but they must be practical realists mentally tough and prepared to step up and accept training and testing challenges. It all begins with applying for your phase 1 basic course or attending an introductory short course for those that want to see if it is for them and if they are up for it.

Inquiries [email protected]

Ancient in conception, proven in battle, and a leading, living means of staying at the forefront of combative requirements.

Early CQC
20,000B.C.                                  500B.C.

Early CQB
480B.C.                                         150-100B.C.

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