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Brain to Boot

Brain to Bootby Tank Todd, Army Special Forces C.Q.B. Master Chief Instructor
449 pages

NZ$72 including G.S.T. & P&P within New Zealand
NZ$80 including P&P to rest of the world

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The Brain-to-Boot package is the how-to of psychological capabilities in relation to conquering one's fears and increasing one's capabilities in extreme violent situations. This package is focused on practical methods of initiating skills to get and remain physically and mentally ready to deal with expected physical violence. For unexpected actions-on situations, it shows how to employ skills to hard target oneself, and take control of the situation as quickly and safely as humanly possible, by means of primary, secondary alternative or emergency skills employment.  An important benefit of this program is that the user can self-assess, and compile a personal profile, in relation to their individual physical attributes, capabilities and disabilities, as well as their combative and self-protection skills and their psychological strengths and weaknesses. Then the individual can improve their combative mental confidence by means of definite physical and psychological tactics and practices that will provide a means to achieve, and maintain, the highest levels and state of readiness, to go combative if and when required.  Every individual is responsible for their own actions and the outcomes created by their actions, so it is important that the combatant, through being highly combative, confident and competent can employ tactics and skills commensurate with the faces threat, and within their rules of engagement or the laws of self-defence. This is best achieved through training to be the best combatant one can possibly be, by striving for combative excellence and to achieve an expert combative status.  The reality is that the best chance we have and can expect to have is a combative chance: nothing more and nothing less.