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No Nonsense Self Defence

No Nonsense Self Defence by Tank Todd, Army Special Forces Close Combat Master Chief Instructor
21cm x 29.5cm - 54 pages - illustrated

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NZ$55 including P&P to rest of the world

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From a very young age and while still at school I become interested in European Military close combat and self defence. I had briefly trained in and assessed several martial arts and combat sports and found them not geared towards what I was looking for as most were traditional or sporting practices. I learnt to fight at a young age putting away much older and bigger bullies, which led to an over 20 year career as a bouncer that began at age 14 at teenage dances.

I began my unarmed combat and related subjects training including familiarization with fighting arts of the world under the late Harry Baldock at the Baldock Institute in Dunedin, New Zealand’s oldest self defence and unarmed combat facility being established in 1927.On Harry’s retirement I took over the institute and it is now named the Todd Group comprising of the following schools of instruction. School of Self Defence, Close Combat School, Close Protection School, Tactical Control and Restraint School, CQB School and Combat Sports School.

My interest and pursuit of knowledge was relentless and I spent the next twenty five years training and instructor qualifying under European military evolutionary pioneers such as Col Rex Applegate of World War Two Office of Strategic Services Fame and Charles Nelson a World War Two US Marine Corps Hand to Hand Combat expert Instructor. 

From these World Leading Experts I learnt the systems of their seniors, Captain William Fairbairn, Captain Eric Anthony Sykes of Great Britan, Irishman Pat O’Neill and Frenchman Col Biddle.

Continuing with my search for knowledge I trained and qualified in the systems of the current military close combat experts Capt Ben Mangels of the South African military and police, and Lawrence Jordan of the US Army Special Forces.

I volunteered and successfully completed and passed my Special Forces Instructor Qualification Course in South East Asia and for the past ten years have been a special operations unit close combat master chief instructor.
I am also a director of the International close combat instructors association the worlds definitive association of allied military close combat instructors.
In 1996 I was named world close quarter combat instructor of the year.
I instruct over 50 subjects for civilian self-protection, military close combat, specialist close protection, riot control and security and police training.
Although I have rank and qualifications in martial arts and combat sports including a 7th degree black belt in jiu jitsu and a boxing trainers license as part of my familiarization with fighting arts of the world, my primary commitment is to the only true life and death practices where my expertise is truly needed, that being military close combat and urban self defence.
My entire life has been spent training qualifying assessing and researching combat systems and this has led to the development of the Todd Systems of Close Combat and Self-Protection.

I have had the opportunity to be personally trained and instructor qualified by the previous mentioned world leading experts, an honor no other individual has ever received and now it is my time to continue with the work of my former seniors in the development of the doctrine of the military science of close combat and self-protection.

The content for this manual is drawn from the basic urban self-protection modules of the close combat doctrine and is designed to be as safe, simple and effective as humanly possible.

Always remember in the reality of true close combat or urban violence where there is no second place, only a loser and where you will fight for the most important trophy of all, your life, there is no place for anything but the battle proven and it is all too late to find out that your methods just didn’t stand up on the day.

‘KISS’ keep it simple stupid and remember you must be fully confident in your skills and fully committed in your will to win not merely survive.
I have developed the following principles so as to provide tactically correct options that will provide the only chance you can hope for when no other option is possible, a fighting chance based on sound tactics proven principles and a winner’s mentality.

All the training in the world is worth nothing if you are not mentally prepared to overcome extreme threats of violence and committed to doing anything and everything, even the unthinkable to win and never quit no matter what.
I have had the honor and privilege of the battle proven knowledge and wisdom of some of the masters of military close combat individuals that have faced life and death situations time and time again and have defeated enemies bent on killing them. They have passed on their methods of victory to me and I in turn have continued with their work at this point in time, ensuring the continuation and development to ensure our people have the greatest chance of victory when their lives are threatened.

This manual is meant to provide the practical realist with the physical principles to overcome a wide range of threats in the quickest and safest manner.

Remember always when society breaks down or war is declared, it is the military and their combative methods that are enlisted as they possess the only means to win when all else has failed or is ineffective, why wait until its too late to learn the most effective means of self-protection.

High stress situations with little or no reaction time require no nonsense principles that are flexible enough to allow for human error and are not set in concrete individual techniques that will only work under favorable conditions or in a studio environment, where by the nature of the situation and the players the applications and outcomes are nothing like a real life violent encounter.

Never be fooled by flashy demonstration or movie fight scenes where the outcomes are decided before the action even starts and the participants are highly trained athletes. This is far removed from the unpredictable violence where anything goes in the no rules or respect encounters in todays world.

There is no match for personal hands on instruction and training. However this manual if fully read, understood and practiced is a most effective distance learning tool and source of reference for those already or previously involved in being trained in self defence or for the beginner looking for proven knowledge.

In conclusion the offensive actions of this manual can cause serious injury or death if executed inappropriately, so in practice always remember, train the way you intend to fight but remember you are only training and in self defence remember you are responsible for your own actions in relation to the laws of self defence where ever you may be at the time.

Self defence is a task to be continued not a project to be completed and could very well be the cheapest insurance you ever pay for. Make sure you get the best in training and instructors qualified in true self defence and close combat.

Samples from No Nonsense Self Defence


Captain Ben Mangels

From the first page, it is apparent that the writer is a true master of his trade. Geoff (Tank) Todd teaches his system of hand to hand combat in a practical down to earth method that can be used by anyone whether they be a martial artist or not to defend themselves.

The techniques demonstrated in this book provide the foundation on which you can develop your own style of self defence. 

I first met Geoff in the early 1980’s in the United States and since then we have worked closely together. Geoff has assisted me training military and police personnel throughout the United States and I have always been impressed with Geoff’s skills and found his assistance of great value. Geoff is certified by the Tactical Defense Academy as an international instructor in law enforcement defensive tactics and South African military hand to hand combat.

His special operations close combat and edged weapon fighting skills are phenomenal.

I truly believe like all of Geoff’’s manuals, No Nonsense Self defence will be not only a best seller but a very effective learning aid.

Captain Ben Mangles
Military Close Combat Master Chief Instructor
President International Close Combat Instructors Association

Medical Aspects

Compulsory Reading
Read completely before practising or utilising any of the offensive actions contained in this manual as they may cause permanent injury or death.
You are responsible for your own actions and must be aware of the dangers and consequences of skills applied outside the laws of self defence with carelessness or deliberate intention to cripple, maim or kill.

Medical Outcomes

I have predominantly recommended and employed low stamping kicks in this manual as this is the most guaranteed method to incapacitate a determined attacker while remaining protected in the process.
These low stamping kicks can be executed at all ranges including in a grappling situation. These kicks can be employed to cause a release by scraping down the shin front and stomping on the small bones of the foot. They can also be executed to dislocate the knee joint, rip the knee ligaments and break bone in a life and death self defence situation.
The principle behind these primary counter offensive actions is simple, you cut your attacker down below his knees, just like chopping a tree down at the base of the trunk.

While these kicks are generally not life threatening, they are extremely offensive actions and must not be employed outside the laws of self defence.

Blows to the throat and back of the neck can and do cause death. Blows to the side of the neck, while less lethal than the blows to the front or back of the neck may be life threatening depending on the prior medical condition of the target.

Chin jabs that employ palm heel strikes under the chin snapping the head backwards on top of the neck are extremely dangerous and can be fatal.
Attacks to the eyes, one of the least protected vitals can be employed with bent fingers (bent fork), flicked to impair vision in order to escape, however eye attacks with straightened digits or implements such as pens or keys can cause permanent blindness or death by penetrating the front lobes of the brain.

No Nonsense Self Defence The Manual has been compiled to provide effective proven [... continued]

Psychological Requirements

All the skills and training in the world will be useless if you do not have the ability to overcome your fears and win against adversity, not merely survive.
One must be able to control their emotions, their heart rate and breathing, remain ready and most importantly be able to call upon their pre-trained self defence skills after assessing the situation and deciding on the correct, safest and most effective means of self-protection.
The key to effectively defend oneself is planning, preparation and practise prior to the unfortunate event to ensure you are as safe as humanly possible, as the only person you can rely on when you face real danger is yourself.
I believe in a violent confrontation the recipe to win, not merely survive is 90% determination and inner resolve and 10% or less physical skills. The higher the stress level,
[... continued]

The following subjects and techniques are covered in the book:

  • Unarmed Threat and Entry Attack
  • Stationary Counter Attack
  • Phase Hold Escapes and Counter Attacks
  • Short Weapon Disarming
  • Close Quarter Short Weapon Disarming
  • Long Weapon Disarming
  • Close Quarter Long Weapon Disarming
  • Valuables Protection and Retention
  • Combat Side Safety Fall
  • Counter Offence from a seated position
  • Counters to being pinned against a wall
  • Preventing being pulled down by the head
  • Suspicious approach
  • Combating being pulled out from a seat
  • Rear pulldown counter actions
  • Tactical Education Advice
  • Description Unarmed Counter Offence Skills

Suspicious Approach

Should someone approach you suspiciously and ask you the time, for a light, directions etc. to establish whether it is a set up and if they have an accomplice waiting behind you, take a large forward diagonal step, usually to your right but depending on situation, ending in a position where you can view your previous rear flanks and can keep an eye on the frontal threat. From this safer position you can, while keeping your eyes on the subject offer your watch for him to read the time or generally answer his question from a position where he must turn to attack thus increasing your reaction and evasion time.

Self Defence - Suspicious Approach Self Defence - Suspicious Approach

Pulled out of your seat

When pulled out of your seat turn side on to protect your front, trap your attacker by securing his forearm against your chest with your rear most hand and counter kick or strike.

Self Defence - Grabbed Self Defence - Grabbed

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