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Wheelchair Self Defence

Wheelchair Self Defenceby Tank Todd, Army Special Forces C.Q.B. Master Chief Instructor
21cm x 29.5cm - 54 pages - illustrated

NZ$40 including G.S.T. & P&P within New Zealand
NZ$50 including P&P to Australia
NZ$55 including P&P to rest of the world

NZ Orders: Click here to purchase via Fight Times store
International Orders: email us for details

While this manual has a wide ranging scope of capabilities, it cannot take in to account the most important considerations in relation to the individual's specific disability and their specific wheelchair. Bearing this in mind, it is essential that you determine your individula capabilities in relation to the provided skills and practise, and perfect skills that provide the highest level of safety and greatest chance of being employed in a high risk situation. Remember to always be realistic and practical in your individual skills selection. The most important considerations are maintaining stability in the wheelchair, combined with mobility and manoeuvrability.