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International Close Combat Instructors' Association

Lawrence Jordan - International Close Combat Instructors' Association Seminar

Tactical PistolcraftTips on Tactical Pistolcraft DVD

Larry Jordan, a retired US Special Forces Sergeant Major, and hand-to-hand combat chief instructor provides valuable information in regards to the tactical employment of the pistol. This DVD is an insight into the important principles and tactics in relation to pistolcraft of the Jordan system.

View Lawrence Jordan's profile on the ICCIA website.

65 minutes running time.

Note: Prices quoted in NZ dollars.

New Zealand - buy via Fight Times.

International Orders: email us for details

Every combative buff should add this to his collection.

Note: DVD format for PAL and NTSC. Please state which format you require at time of ordering. [email protected] Due to piracy issues defective media will be replaced but no returns or refunds for non-defective media can be given.

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Filmed on location at the International Close Combat Instructors convention, December 2008, Dunedin New Zealand. For those unable to attend, or those that attended and require a record of the expert instructors’ workshops they attended, this DVD is live footage.

March 2013

Annual International Close Combat Course

Location: Todd Group Headquarters, Dunedin, New Zealand

Phase 3 exponent continuation training Thurday March 21st to Saturday March 23rd 2013
Phase 3 instructor training Sunday March 24th to Saturday March 30th 2013
Phase 1 & 2 Sunday March 24th to Saturday March 30th 2013

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