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The Original Travel Wrench Key Ring

Fight Times, a division of the Todd Group, are sole New Zealand agents for the original Travel Wrench key ring. All purchasing enquiries: [email protected]

Travel Wrench

NZ$16 per unit plus p&p quoted on order.

The Travel Wrench is a devastatingly effective yet low profile non-lethal force tool for personal protection. Your personal protection tool designed by Kelly Worden. The travel wrench is a revolutionary training tool and instructional system that compliments while improving tactical efficiency with any Tactical implement! Proficiency in skill is cultivated through repetition and refining conceptual principles of instinctual response!

Travel Wrench Travel Wrench

Impact strikes will cause severe pain and injury, the Travel Wrench and other Self Protection tools should only be implemented if no other option exists. The information contained within this book is for defensive use and only to prevent or detour physical harm from being inflected on you or a loved one.

The defensive tools above have specific techniques to assist the user in becoming proficient with defensive maneuvers. This instructional book offers essential options that can be implemented during a physical confrontation. Seek proficiency in the overlapping principles of defense, including physical and psychological.

Originally the Travel Wrench was designed to assist martial artists in developing confidence in empty hand striking skills and precision targeting. The first models were called DTL or Impact Kerambits and changed later to offer a more covert public carry tool for personal protection. The Kerambit of old was a simple yet potential lethal palm knife used in the "barrio" or rough streets of the Philippines.

Travel Wrench Travel Wrench

Re-designed in 1993 by Kelly S. Worden for non-lethal usage, the Travel Wrench has experienced acceptance worldwide. Civilians, bodyguards, police officers, and military personnel have carried the Travel Wrench Kerambit almost everywhere in the world. This includes the United States, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, Kuwait, and other countries as well, again literally Worldwide! As a discrete personal protection tool, it attracts very little attention and allows the carrier to walk with confidence from home to vehicle, parking garages to work, public parks, shopping, cash machines, or sporting events. Let’s face it, the potential for crimes or criminal acts in our society is at an unprecedented high and completely unpredictable. We can become targets for assault or robbery at a moment’s notice. Of course, there are no guarantees that we could actually detour an assault, even a trained fighter runs the risk of defeat in a street confrontation. Most criminals are not looking for a fight just an easy victim. The appearance of confidence and awareness can be enough to create the aura that you are not a person to be toyed with or even to be approached with bad intentions.

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