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Ultimate Combative Challenge 2013

Close Combat CourseClose Combat Course
Close Combat CourseClose Combat CourseClose Combat Course

Phase 3 exponent continuation training Thursday March 21st to Saturday march 23rd 2013
Phase 3 instructor training Sunday March 24th to Saturday March 30th
Phase 1 & 2 Sunday March 24th to Saturday March 30th

Cost NZ$550.00 per exponent

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Military Close Quarter Combat escape from hold - knife used to counter strangle
  • Have you got what it takes?
  • Are you combat smart and ready?
  • Do you recognize and appreciate the best in battle proven skills?
  • Do you want to train at the worlds oldest and most specialist private European combative facility?
  • Do you want to be trained by the last living descendent of the WW2 masters of mayhem?
  • Do you want your chief instructor to have the highest qualifications in military close combat?
  • Do you want your fellow exponents to be professional realists from all services, professionals and walks of life?
  • Are you a winner not merely a survivor?
  • Do you want to qualify as an exponent with the chance of becoming a depot instructor?
  • Do you want to be ready and able for anything and everything always?
  • Are you up to the intensive and extensive annual Todd Group Close Combat Course?
  • Do you want to be trained by the best in the military close combat business?

If the answer is yes to the previous, apply now for the Todd Group annual intensive extensive European Military skills Close Combat Course. This is a course where rules, gender, or physical size matter less than in any form of fighting but where a ruthless commitment to winning by means of battle proven dirty tricks is everything. This course has been described by allied Elite Special Operations Master Chief Instructors as the best in the world and exponents and instructors return annually from through out New Zealand and the world to be part of as close as it gets for most to military close combat. This is a volunteers course and testing is also voluntary. Learn a military science designed to combat enemy fighting arts in kill or get killed close combat and urban self defence extreme violence situations. Be the best combatant you can be, trained in the most current and specialist combative skills of European Military close combat.

Complete the application form below and return with your deposit.

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