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Todd Group
PO Box 5579
Dunedin 9058
New Zealand
Phone: +64-3-4778902
Fax: +64-3-4778902
[email protected]



Close Combat Training Depots

School of Self Defence, Close Quarter Battle School,
Security & Law Enforcement Training School, Bodyguard Training School,
School of Combat Sports, Close Combat  School, Unarmed Combat School

Head Quarters

Chief Instructor: Tank Todd Email Tank Todd - Close Combat Instructor
Army Special Operations CQB Master Chief Instructor
Dunedin, New Zealand - Phone/Fax +64-3-477 8902
New Zealand

Todd Group International Combative Chief Medical Officer: Dr Stefan Eriksson
New South Wales, Australia Email Stefan Eriksson

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August 2016

Todd Group Close Quartes Combat Training

The Todd Group is the only source of instruction in this Todd Systems European Military complete combative programme in New Zealand. Only 20 positions exist per 6 months. Ph: 03 4778902 - [email protected]

Todd Group Headquarters Dunedin, New Zealand

Close Combat Training December 2008

Do you know how to combat this situation? If not, get correct and proven self defence and combative training from a military close quarters battle master instructor.

Close Quarters Combat Training

NZ’s first and foremost close combat & self defence professionals est 1927. Chief Instructor: Geoff Todd, Military CQB Master Chief Instructor. Final 2014 intake is in August.

Membership includes training in our central city fully equipped combative & combat sports facility. Combative membership allows free access to boxing, kickboxing, wrestling & weights gym.

Non members boxing and kickboxing training $4 session, no joining fee, no annual subs.
Ph: 03 4778902 - Email: [email protected]

New Zealand


Auckland HQ

Todd Group Auckland headquarters facility Auckland City - enquiries Andrew Weir - Ph. 021-922 794 Email Andrew Weir ([email protected])

West Auckland

Central City

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Petone / Hutt Valley

South Island




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website: Todd Group Germany

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website: Todd Group Thailand

International Courses

See also: Todd Group Asia

For other international enquiries please see the International Close Combat Instructors Association website for Close Combat instructors.

Todd Group Training Courses

Military Self-Defence and Military CQC training for civilians is a privilege, not a right, and course joining comes with responsibilities.

The Todd Group are offering the following national and international close quarters combat training courses:

2019 Courses

Clubs, business, corporate group self-defence, D-WAR (Declare War Against Rape) anti- and counter-rape short courses
Defensive tactics, tactical control and restraint, crowd control company courses. Enquiries: [email protected]

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