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TSB45: the baton of the future

This information is being provided to distributors, manufacturers and publishers. Any interest or inquiries by the previous, please direct to the Todd Group. We are ready to negotiate for the international release and distribution of the TSB 45. We are also prepared to provide features on the TSB 45 for relevant publications. [email protected]

TSB45 Tactical Safety Baton
TSB45 - view of tactical safety baton when extended

The Right Tool at the Right Time
Tactical Safety Baton 45 is a revolutionary new device that will forever change the face of baton usage. Designed for use by law-enforcement, military and corrections officers, the TSB 45 Model TODD 45 provides a high level of defence against both armed and unarmed threats as well as providing sound deterrent and restraint factors. The TSB 45 is a two handled expandible, rotating rear handle device, the baton is made of Tylon High for high impact and high wear applications. TSB 45 weighs a minimal 530 grams (17 Ounces) and is 40cm (15.7inches) in length in the closed position. When extended it reaches 58cm (23inches).
Experts who have field tested the baton, especially liked the deterrent factors presented when the baton was opened and made ready. They also liked their two hands being protected behind the main shaft and housing reducing the likelihood of any impacts to the hands or knuckles.
The recent increase in complaints and law suits against law enforcement personnel and institutions is a serious consideration that has been addressed in the design of the TSB 45.
The TSB 45 is intended for defensive purposes but can easily be used as a deterrent or restraint device. In addition it can be used to quickly and easily disarm someone with a striking weapon in their hand.

TSB45 Tactical Baton
TSB45 - view of tactical safety baton in closed position

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the TODD45 offers safety and a real deterrent

safe construction and robust materials - tylon high

low risk, effective, offensive actions; reduces likelyhood of law suits

From the drawing and making ready, to the on guard position, the TODD45 offers safety and a real deterrent. The TODD45's safe construction and robust materials combined with its practical application make unarmed attacks low risk. The TODD45 provides offensive actions that are effective and low risk reducing the likelyhood of law suits.

TSB 45 defence against a knife or short weapon

defence against machette or long weapon

control and restraint using TSB45 baton

Street weapon disarming made safer by the design of the TSB45 and its physical applications. The TSB45 offers evasive counter actions, targeting either the weapon holding limb or the weapon itself. Control and restraint individual or team applications from a closed or open position provide universal applications.

Law Enforcement - Military - Security - Crowd Control
Self-Protection - Weapon Disarming - Control & Restraint - Retention

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March 2013

Annual International Close Combat Course

Location: Todd Group Headquarters, Dunedin, New Zealand

Phase 3 exponent continuation training Thurday March 21st to Saturday March 23rd 2013
Phase 3 instructor training Sunday March 24th to Saturday March 30th 2013
Phase 1 & 2 Sunday March 24th to Saturday March 30th 2013

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