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Todd Systems Close Combat Training

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Todd Group Depots

The Todd Group has depots through New Zealand including Auckland, Rotorua, Foxton, Wanganui, Petone, Nelson, Christchurch and Clyde. There are international depots in various countries including Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany and South Korea.

For a complete list of depots see the following page:  Todd Group Training Depot Listing

Individual Close Combat Training

For Visiting Exponents or Instructors from Around the World

Find out why the informed and committed travel 'down under' to learn from a genuine instructor qualified descendant of the pioneers of World War II armed and unarmed combat. Be trained by a current special operations close combat master chief instructor in the most current and battle proven armed and unarmed combat.

The Todd Group have been instructors to the military, security, law enforcement and realist civilian sectors since 1927. The Todd Group headquarters has been, and continues to be, the training ground of Todd Group depot instructors worldwide. The Todd Group instructor ranks include many qualified military CQB instructors that all got their knowledge and experience from the Todd Group. There is no substitute for genuine military elite qualified master instructors. Train from the best, or be like the rest...

Kobus Huisamen, an international professional fighter, and former paratrooper experienced the Todd Close Combat systems and this is what he had to say.(read more)

The current Todd Group Chief Instructor, Tank Todd, is a military special operations CQB Master Chief Instructor with over 20 years experience. He has been trained by such legends as Harry Baldock, Col Rex Applegate, Charles Nelson. He has also been instructor qualified by the current elite special operations close combat Master Chief Instructors to the rank of Master Instructor. He has a lineage of no other living military qualified instructor and more military CQB instructing time than any other allied elite master instructor.
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Scheduled Training Dates

August 2016

Todd Group Close Quartes Combat Training

The Todd Group is the only source of instruction in this Todd Systems European Military complete combative programme in New Zealand. Only 20 positions exist per 6 months. Ph: 03 4778902 - [email protected]

Todd Group Headquarters Dunedin, New Zealand

Close Combat Training December 2008

Do you know how to combat this situation? If not, get correct and proven self defence and combative training from a military close quarters battle master instructor.

Close Quarters Combat Training

NZ’s first and foremost close combat & self defence professionals est 1927. Chief Instructor: Geoff Todd, Military CQB Master Chief Instructor. Final 2014 intake is in August.

Membership includes training in our central city fully equipped combative & combat sports facility. Combative membership allows free access to boxing, kickboxing, wrestling & weights gym.

Non members boxing and kickboxing training $4 session, no joining fee, no annual subs.
Ph: 03 4778902 - Email: [email protected]

Todd Group Training Courses

Military Self-Defence and Military CQC training for civilians is a privilege, not a right, and course joining comes with responsibilities.

The Todd Group are offering the following national and international close quarters combat training courses:

2020 Courses

2021 Courses


Clubs, business, corporate group self-defence, D-WAR (Declare War Against Rape) anti- and counter-rape short courses
Defensive tactics, tactical control and restraint, crowd control company courses. Enquiries: [email protected]

SICQCSpecialist Close Personal Protection CPP "Bodyguard"International Course of Instruction

To be included on an upcoming CPP course advisement email list, email your interest to [email protected].

NZ and South East Asia Specialist Close Personal Protection Course Of Instruction. October 13-25, 2018. Course informationPosterApply Online

We have been conducting specialist close personal protection courses of instruction for decades. Our specialist Close personal protection courses of instruction are open to responsible adults. There are as many corporate's and combative enthusiasts as those pursuing close protection careers on courses.

Course participants include company directors and traveling corporates that are not in a position to to have close protection specialists on the payroll and want to learn all the skills to make themselves their staff family and friends as safe as possible under their protection.

Individuals intending to travel extensively internationally also undertake our specialist basic entry-level course of instruction.

We export our CPP courses to Thailand our hub global country to reduce the travel duration and costs in comparison to attending courses at our New Zealand HQ and also to ensure courses are conducted in a country where English is not the primary language. This adds to the training exercises benefits in relation to exposure to close protection requirements in a foreign environment.

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NZ and South East Asia Specialist Close Personal Protection Course Of Instruction. October 13-25, 2018. Course informationPosterApply Online


Stay up to date with Todd Group news and training opportunities. Click here to join the Todd Group Mailing List.

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